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SHERPA Play Detectors comply with EU Directive 2014/45/EU

Directive 2014/45/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 April 2014 on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers, which came into force on 20 May 2018, provides that all testing facilities and equipment across the EU must comply with Annex III of the Directive within a transition period of not more than five years, thus after 20 May 2023 at the latest.

Minimum equipment required for the purpose of performing a roadworthiness test through Play Detectors (as per Annex III, article 8) for vehicles having a maximum mass exceeding 3,5 tonnes:

“A device for testing the wheel-axle suspension (wheel play detector) without lifting the axis, meeting the following requirements:

  1. The device must be equipped with at least two power-operated plates that can be moved in opposite sense in both the longitudinal and the transversal directions;
  2. The movement of the plates must be controllable by the operator from the testing position;
  3. For vehicles having a maximum mass exceeding 3,5 tonnes, the plates shall comply with the following technical requirements:
    — Longitudinal and transversal movement of at least 95 mm,
    — Longitudinal and transversal movement speed 5 cm/s to 15 cm/s“

Valid for vehicles of the following classes, having a maximum mass exceeding 3,5 tonnes each:

M2 and M3
motor vehicles designed and constructed primarily for the carriage of persons and their luggage comprising more than eight seating positions in addition to the driver’s seating position

N2 and N3
motor vehicles designed and constructed primarily for the carriage of goods

wheeled tractors, the use of which mainly takes place on public roads with a maximum speed exceeding 40 km/h, determined by its design

O3 and O4
trailers designed and constructed for the carriage of goods or persons, as well as for the accommodation of persons

We hereby confirm that the SHERPA AST models of type Pit, together with the respective options, comply with EU Directive 2014/45/EU (each with the advanced hydraulic unit, type SSP01).

If you already have a previous SHERPA Play Detector (produced before 2020) and would like to ensure that your model meets the upcoming EU requirements, please contact us, stating your tester serial number. We will evaluate which upgrade is appropriate for your respective application and will submit a suitable offer.

We are happy to provide personal advice and take your request by phone via +49 (0) 8636 6099800 or by e-mail to info@sherpa.de!