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SHB-Safelift-4.2 with platforms length 4.8 m

SVP253051 & SVZ253638

Scissors lift with 4.2 t load capacity with platforms length 4.8 m

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Scope of delivery:
- Scissors hoist with 4 hydraulic lift cylinders
- Platforms (4.4 m) with chequered metal covering (screw-fastened)
and platforms for axle lift
- Hydraulic unit and oil tank mounted under the left platforms
- Emergency lowering device
- Control unit, for wall assembly
- Acoustic lowering signal
- Ascent ramp and roll-off protection due to different set-up
options of the lift (above-ground or foundation assembly) not
included in the delivery scope, see options!

- The platforms are constructed with U-profiles and rectangular tube frame and features
screw-mounted metal coverings. After removing the metal coverings, the parts
underneath, such as: Hydro unit, oil tank, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, and
others are freely accessible for maintenance and assembly
- No fixed connection between the scissors, enabling variable set-up width, each side
of the scissors lift features hydraulic and electrical systems pre-installed
- Large lift height with 2,070 mm, which is also ideal for installation in a strip foundation
- Maintenance and wear-free, self-lubricating bearing bushings on the scissor bolts
- Hydraulic unit with submerged motor
- Reliable safety system via 4 lift cylinders with electrical poppet valves
- Synchronisation control and safety monitoring for both platforms via electronic
height measurement and electronically controlled proportional valves
- Safety lowering device with acoustic signal controls
- Control box with control elements and control electronics
- Option wheel free jack: integrated level in the platforms, preventing and projection
- Lifting platform and options according to UVV and CE directives
- Platforms for SSH- 4.2 with 4.8 m length, powder coated additional charge

Technical data:

- CE load bearing capacity:

4.2 t

- Recommended installation width external:

2,190 mm

- Lifting height / lifting travel:

2,080 / 1,800 mm

- Above-floor ascent height (with wheel free jack):

290 mm (adjustable 280-300 mm)

- Platforms with attachment parts for roll-off protection:

4,800 x 680 mm

- Standard lifting time/lowering time (short hoist time):

40 (optional 18) / 30 sec

- On-site oil filling, HLP ISO 46:

45 litres

- Coating:

Powder-coated (optional hot-dip galvanized platforms)

- Motor power of drive unit:

4.5 kW

- Supply voltage:

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

- Supply line/fuse protection:

5 x 2.5 mm² / 20 A slow fuse (5 x 6.0 mm² / 32 A slow fuse with short hoist time)

- Required residual current operated device:

0.3 A, RCD type B (with short hoist time)

- Dimensions of controller/electrical switch box WxHxD:

500x500x210 mm (600x600x250 mm with short hoist time)

- Weight per lifting platform:

Up to 2,500 kg, depending on the equipment