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About us

Sherpa Autodiagnostik GmbH

SHERPA is a universal manufacturer of workshop and inspection equipment for the Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI) of vehicles. With our SHERPA technology, we foster environmental sustainability and road safety – in Germany and worldwide.

To live up to this objective, we offer outstanding products, competent consulting and an innovative, high-quality range of services. We are developing the mechanics, hardware, electronics and software of our diagnostic devices in-house in our company headquarters in Ampfing – high-tech test engineering made in Germany. Our portfolio comprises roller brake testers, plate brake testers, testlanes, play detectors, side slip testers, suspension testers, scissor lifts, headlight testers as well as emission testers.

With more than 25 years of experience and worldwide recognition as market leader in many countries, we are a reliable partner and approved supplier of testing and inspection organizations, workshops, dealers and OEMs. Backed by a strong organization, STENHØJ Group / NEXION, Sherpa has access to one of the world’s finest supply chains and a close corporate network, ensuring innovation, extensive shared knowledge and superior logistics. We are challenging the market with our full-range solutions for the automotive industry. We’re all in to make a difference.

Various patents testify our innovative strength. Quality and reliability are our top priorities. We are committed to listening to and accurately understanding the needs of the market, as well as the requirements of certain regions and customers – and thereby innovating and providing the best possible solutions. Our agility and flexibility allow us to respond quickly to new challenges and offer the right products and services on demand. You will experience how Sherpa is lifting your operations to new heights.