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DEKRA test centre in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit installs new play detector AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift to use the entire lifting platform incl. play detector as headlight adjustment testing area

The first testing organisations and workshops have already ordered our latest SHERPA innovation, the new play detector AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift for scissor lifts.

The decisive advantage that the entire lifting platform of the scissor lift incl. AST can be used as a headlight adjustment testing area makes the play detector a groundbreaking development.

One of the first customers was the DEKRA test centre in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit in the Mühldorf district. In close coordination with our service and development teams, our established scissor lift SHB-Safelift including the play detector AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift, specifically designed for the scissor lift platform, was installed here.

The extremely flat AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift is flush-mounted in the lifting platform of the scissor lift. The test plate is exactly flush with the platform level. As a result, both the lifting platform and the play detector can be used as headlight adjustment testing area. Thus, the available space can be used ideally.

This is a decisive advantage for the DEKRA test centre in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit. We are pleased that we were able to win DEKRA as a partner for this innovative solution and are proud that DEKRA, as one of the world’s largest and leading testing companies, trusts in SHERPA.

SHERPA scissor lifts excel on all (lifting) levels: The hot-dip galvanised SHB-Safelift with 4.2 t load capacity offers a variable installation width, a large lifting height of 2,070 mm and is operated by a powerful hydraulic unit with 4 lifting cylinders. The scissor lift meets all test requirements and offers a short lifting / lowering time: Weight-dependent, the lifting time can be adjusted up to max. 14 seconds!

In Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, a wheel free jack is also integrated level in the platform as follow-up hydraulic scissor lifting device with 3.5 t load capacity, so that there is no protrusion. A hydro-pneumatic axle lift is also installed as scissor lift including chassis with a load capacity of 2.6 t.

We wish DEKRA all the best for their testing facility with our SHERPA technology!