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BPS-Bike- 3.5 with TV2


Roller brake tester for motorcycle with Livestream USB converter & PC-Software „BPS-TV-2“

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Delivery Scope:

  • BPS-Bike- 3.5- TV2, max. traversable axle load 2 t
  • Roller brake tester for motorcycle, roller length 350 mm
  • Livestream USB converter with software "ASA-Livestream-Simulator" for PC or laptop with Windows 7/8/10, 12 m connection cable from the computer to the RS485-Bus interface on the test bed
  • "BPS-TV-2" screen display PC software
    for all roller brake testers, for the display of brake force, difference, axle number, brake type, axle and wheel weight, deceleration, brake pressures and operating mode.
    A remote control is required for saving and printing the current inspection.
    Standard PC equipment with Windows 7/8/10 is required for PC displays and programs (not included in the scope of delivery)

Product description:

  • Self-supporting, hot-dip galvanised roller set, serial production prepared for weighing device 
  • Roller set with adjuster screws for height adjustment and adjuster screws for lengthwise and lateral fastening
  • Low-wear rollers with plastic coating
  • Test unit control: Manual / automatic operation, delayed automatic switch-on, slip switch-off, automatic restart, switch-off after driving out of the test unit, start-up monitoring and drive-off assistance
  • Wear-free, electronic DMS measuring system with shear force transducer

Technical data for roller set BPS-Bike- 3.5-TV:

Self-supporting, closed roller set

hot-dip galvanised

Roller traversing load

max. 2 t

Roller length

350 mm

Roller diameter

205 mm

Gritted-coated roller profile

Friction value dry / wet 0.9/0.8

Slip roller diameter


50 mm

Roller centre distance


400 mm

Test speed / drive capacity


5 km/h / 2.4 kW

Maximum braking power

3 kN

Testable axle load at 50 % braking

1.2 t

Supply voltage


3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Feed line/fuse protection


5 x 2.5 mm² / 16 A

Roller set dimensions


(W x L x H)  990 x 680 x 240 mm



190 kg