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for cars and trucks until 18 t axle load (mobile)

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“BPS-mobil-18.0” delivery scope
- Mobile roller set, hot-dip galvanised, with gritted coated drive rollers
- Control box with motor switch, control electronics, operating elements and main switch lockable
- Power connection plug for external power supply
Attachable wheels for mobile movement
One brake tester for mobile application, description:
• The test unit is equipped with attached wheels and can be moved easily on-site after folding up or removing the ramps. The low weight of 1,100 Kg (without ramps) enables the test unit to be loaded with transport vehicle, as well, and taken to another location. The axle shafts of the removable wheels function as eyelets for the hoisting equipment. In case of set-up on uneven ground, the test bench may be levelled using the height-adjustable supports.
• The transportable unit consists of a support frame that the complete mechanism of the brake tester is built into. The drive unit featuring high-performance planetary gear motors is attached to the side. The planetary gear motors achieve enormous motor power at low power connection values.
• The rollers are coated with granulate and feature a roller diameter of 150 mm.
• The control box including plug connector for the external power supply is attached on one side, above the drive unit. Next to this, there is a spacious container for a laptop, power cables, and other accessories.
• All Sherpa roller testers are equipped with the same electrical and measuring equipment. For this reason, the displays and options of the complete BPS tester range may be used with the mobile tester.
• After connecting the supply voltage to the test unit and one of the displays to the control box, the test unit is immediately functional.
• A laptop with Sherpa PC software together with a livestream converter USB or standard Bluetooth or WLAN device is recommended for mobile use.
• Test unit control: Manual / automatic operation, delayed automatic switch-on, slip switch-off, pointer stop, automatic restart, switch-off after driving out of the test set, start-up monitoring and drive-off assistance
• Wear-free, electronic DMS measuring system with shear force transducer
• A weighing device is optionally available, which is installed in series or also able to be retrofitted.

Technical data for displays / control cabinet "BPS":
- Analogue display, housing dimension W x H x D 810 x 670 x 70 mm
- Analogue brake force display, 172 ° 2 x 400 mm  mm
- Display range for brake value 0 – 6 / 0 - 40 kN
- Supply voltage analogue display 240/110 V, 50/60 Hz 16 A slow fuse
- Analogue display weight 10 kg
- Control box, housing dimension W x H x D 380 x 380 x 220 mm
- All housing painting basalt grey RAL 7012

Technical data for roller set "BPS-mobil-18.0” (11 kW motors):
- Self-supporting, closed roller set Hot-dip galvanised tube frame
- Roller length 1,000 mm
- Roller diameter 150 mm
- Roller gritted coated Friction value dry / wet 0.9/0.8
- Slip roller diameter 50 mm
- Roller centre distance 410 mm
- Test speed Planetary gear with 2.6 km/h
- Track width min. / max. 800 / 2,800 mm
- Traversable axle load 18 t
- Testable axle load at 50% braking 16 (18) t
- Maximum braking power 36 (42) kN
- Nominal power of the drive motors 9 (11) kW
- Feed line/fuse protection 5 x 6/32 (5 x 10/50) mm² / A
- Supply voltage 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
- Measuring system, shear force transducer with integrated measuring amplifier DMS
- Mobile system without ramps dimensions 4,660 X 1,080 mm
- Weight approx. 1,100 kg