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Bad Kreuznach

Dekra opens new test centre in Bad Kreuznach with SHERPA testing technology

Since the company was founded in 1925, the DEKRA promise has been: We ensure that people are safe when dealing with technology and the environment. By now, the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein e.V. (German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association) has become one of the world’s leading expert organizations.

With around 44,000 employees in around 60 countries on five continents, DEKRA is the world’s largest not publicly traded audit company. The vision for its 100th birthday in 2025 is: DEKRA will be the global partner for a safe world.

We are therefore particularly proud that the testing organisation has selected our products for their new testing facility in Bad Kreuznach.

The Rhineland-Palatinate DEKRA test centre receives a new hot-dip galvanised SHERPA scissor lift SHB-Safelift-4.2 with 4.8 m platform length and 4.2 t load capacity.

SHERPA scissor lifts excel on all (lifting) levels: The SHB-Safelift-4.2 offers a variable installation width, a large lifting height of 2,070 mm and is operated by a powerful hydraulic unit with 4 lifting cylinders. The scissor lift meets all test requirements and offers a short lifting / lowering time: Weight-dependent, the lifting time can be adjusted up to max. 14 seconds!

In Bad Kreuznach, a wheel free jack is also integrated level in the platform as follow-up hydraulic scissor lifting device with 3.5 t load capacity, so that there is no protrusion.

A hydro-pneumatic axle lift is also installed as scissor lift including chassis with a load capacity of 2.6 t with floor compensation for axle lift patented by SHERPA (Patent EP 2565147), which serves as a lifting platform lowering protection via axle lift position monitoring and as a gas pressure damper for smooth plate movement.

A hydraulic play detector AST-Top-2F-Safelift with a wheel load of 2 t (patent application DE 102005056655.3) is also installed on platform level and tops the lift off to a completely reliable safety system.

The SHERPA scissor lift is part of a Sherlane safety test lane with a roller brake tester, axle suspension tester and electrical / control box. The roller set, type “BPS-Kompakt-3.5”, for cars and transporters up to max. 4 t axle load is hot-dip galvanised and features a test program for electronic parking brakes as standard. The test station in Bad Kreuznach is additionally equipped with proven options, the automatic all-wheel detection patented by SHERPA (patent EP 1931957B1) and the also patented EDOS Drive out assistance with electronic rotation direction controller (Patent EP 2594916).

The systems for the new construction of the test centre were installed by our competent partner Stein KFZ Werkstatttechnik. Stein KFZ Werkstatttechnik, based in Sommerkahl, offers its customers optimal, reliable support and is characterized by constant availability, years of experience, qualified specialist advice and solutions individually tailored to the respective needs.

We would like to thank both companies for the great cooperation and wish the DEKRA test centre a good start and always safe testing operations!