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Emission analyser

Combi Emission analyser for international usage

Our international SHERPA emission test station is a universal Emission analyser, future-proof and expandable. It is available as combined version for petrol and diesel engines – or as individual components for each of these fuel types. Additional measurement modules for future requirements can be integrated easily.

Combi Emission analyser for statutory emission test in Germany

SGA400 AU-Combi

The combined measuring device SGA400 AU-Combi complies with the German legal guideline 5.01 and is precisely tailored to the AU requirements in Germany. It’s based on the SGA400 plus SST100 but uses additionally a software-controlled user guidance dedicated to the German requirements. The Emission analyser is currently in the approval process. We will provide more information and a training concept in due time.

SPC100 Particle Counter
New development

In the near future, Germany will launch a new measuring procedure for the emission analysis of diesel vehicles of emission level Euro 6. The new method requires to capture, measure and evaluate the number of particles. The Netherlands and Belgium are also about to introduce the particle number measurement in the near term.

Sherpa is working hard on an innovative solution to expand existing Sherpa AU meters as well as to have a standalone state-of-the-art device that is universal and future-proof. We will keep you up to date.