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Headlight Tester MECO-SEPHeadlight Tester MECO-SEP

SHERPA reduces the delivery time for the digital headlight tester MECO-SEP-17.0.

(measuring station compensating and calibratable according to DAkkS DKD-5)
By expanding the production and building up a new production line, we are now able to manufacture and deliver the patented, measuring station compensating, headlight tester even faster.

Your advantages:
Use of uneven vehicle testing areas and SEP installation surfaces in Germany possible:
In this system the MECO-SEP is adjusted to the testing area and not the other way round.
With this system, the installation surfaces do not have to be adapted to the SEP, but the SEP is adapted to the installation surfaces. It is possible to define up to 4 test stations with one MECO-SEP.
- The vehicle testing area can be created according to the German law 5/2014 in measuring points.
- The MECO-SEP comes with inclination sensors which automatically levels the unevenness of the SEP position up to 3%.
- Due to an automatic alignment of the 0-line of the light box, testing areas with an inclination up to 1,5% can be used.