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SHERPA increases capacities and introduces new management

SHERPA increases its capacities: With the move to the New Company Headquarter in Ampfing, SHERPA is ideally positioned for the growth course that the company has taken in recent years.

The previous business locations in Mühldorf (Company Management, Organization, HR, Finance, R&D Hardware & Software, Procurement, Production, Sales, Service) and Neuötting (Logistics & Stock) will now be moved to the new headquarters in Ampfing. In future, all departments will be located under one roof. This enables us to react faster and will, among other things, have a positive impact on our customer service.

Stock and production will move to Ampfing next week (CW 13) already. From 30 March 2020 onwards (week 14), goods will be accepted and dispatched exclusively at the new location in Ampfing.

The processing of production, shipping and incoming goods will continue to take place in Mühldorf until the other departments move in the summer of this year. Until then, Mühldorf will remain the office address.

There was also a change at the top of the company, which goes hand in hand with the new corporate structure of SHERPA. The Danish STENHØJ Group, including SHERPA, has been part of the Italian NEXION Group since last year. NEXION operates successfully worldwide with over 2,000 employees in the automotive sector:

Claudio Spiritelli, who was the driving force behind the merger of the two Groups as CEO of NEXION, has also been Managing Director of SHERPA since autumn last year and is currently responsible for the integration of the STENHØJ Group.

In addition, we announce today that Jens-Peter Mayer, Managing Director of Corghi Germany and Board Member of the ASA Association, officially becomes second Managing Director at SHERPA.
Corghi was cornerstone of the success of today's NEXION Group. The company is sister company of SHERPA and closely connected to SHERPA.

Backed by this strong organization, the STENHØJ / NEXION Group, SHERPA has access to one of the world’s finest supply chains and a close corporate network, ensuring innovation, extensive shared knowledge and superior logistics. The expanded company network will have a positive impact on the product portfolio and enable horizontal diversification and synergy effects.

We look forward to our continued cooperation to serve you with the well-known high SHERPA quality and commitment under new management and at our new location.