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Hot-dip galvanized Foundation Tray

Hot-dip galvanized Foundation Tray for SHERPA Play Detector Pit

The foundation trays for our SHERPA Play Detector Pit are now also available with hot-dip galvanization.

Hot dip galvanizing is a procedure in which manufactured steel components are being immersed in molten zinc, which alloys with the surface of the steel workpiece.
This application has the advantage that the material becomes even more robust and durable, as the steel is protected against corrosion.

The foundation trays are deployed in the SHERPA play detector machines: AST-4.3-Pit, AST-8.3-Pit, AST-20.3-Pit and AST-20.3-Pit-SW.

Play detectors are being used to precisely locate loose axle and steering parts in the chassis by means of plate movements. The powerful, hydraulically actuated test plates move against each other laterally and lengthwise. The specific movement process of the test plates makes any disengaged or loose axle and steering parts immediately visible.

The current EU Directive 2014/45 requires that vehicles of more than 3.5 t gross vehicle weight will need to be tested through play detectors across all member states soon. We will inform you in due time about the applicable SHERPA play detector machines.

If you are interested in our play detectors and the option hot-dip galvanized foundation trays, please contact info@sherpa.de.