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Tool Holder

New tool holder options for MECO-SEP-17.0 in our product portfolio

Innovative headlight technologies are an important safety-relevant trend in the automotive industry. The complex high-tech systems require equally high standards in terms of test engineering.

With its MECO-SEP-17.0, SHERPA has developed a high-performance digital headlight tester (SEP) for all headlight systems on the market. Our SEP is equipped with tilt sensor technology. It automatically levels itself in its parking space and compensates for unevenness in the vehicle footprint. This patented compensation system is unique on the market and fully complies with the current directive.

To make the MECO-SEP-17.0 even more user-friendly, we offer two different tool holders for self-assembly on the test device pillar:
  • Small tool holder for screwdrivers
  • Large tool holder with additional storage compartment for screwdriver and pocket rule (included)
These two options exist both when purchasing a new MECO-SEP-17.0 as well as when retrofitting your device. The delivery time is approx. 4 weeks.

If you are interested, please contact info@sherpa.de.