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Headlight Adjustment Testing Device (HATD) with self-levelling capability on HATD set-up location

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Scope of delivery:
- Driving carriage with guide column without wheels (can be installed on rubber wheels or wheels for rails, see options)
- Light box with CMOS camera, interactive touch screen display, measurement electronics, Li-ion rechargeable battery for wireless use, with Li-ion rechargeable battery power adapter
- Laser sighting system with battery
- TÜV seal of approval

MECO-SEP-Basic description:
- The headlight tester MECO-SEP-Basic is a device to check and adjust vehicle headlights in vehicle types such as passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and commercial vehicles. The testing device fulfils the specifications of German directive Rili 23/2018 StVZO (German PTI headlight test guideline) with addendum 2/2019.
- The MECO-SEP-Basic is equipped with inclination sensors which align the unevenness of the device set-up location automatically up to 3%. The device automatically levels itself to a perpendicular.
- The headlight image is captured and digitized by a CMOS camera. The operator can view the display on an interactive touchscreen above the light housing.
- The large-scale Fresnel lens features a scratch-proof glass plate, which can be cleaned easily.
- Positioning in front of the headlight is very easy thanks to the large diameter of the Fresnel lens.
- All common headlight systems such as filament, halogen, xenon, LED matrix, etc. can be tested and adjusted with the MECO-SEP-Basic.
- The MECO-SEP-Basic is equipped with a high-performance Li-ion battery for wireless use.
- The MECO-SEP-Basic features robust mechanics and a three-wheeled driving carriage.
- Rubber wheels or rail wheels for running rails are available for the driving carriage as an option.
- The light box can be twisted with the guide column and is adjustable in height by means of a simple, single-handed operation. 
- A laser sighting system is featured above the stand column for aligning the light box to the vehicle.
- The headlight test can be documented quickly and easily by using a USB stick.

Technical data:
Measuring range, top: 0 – 800 mm / 10 m ( 0…8.0 %)
Measuring range, bottom: 0 – 800 mm / 10 m ( 0…8.0 %)
Measurement range, left: 0 – 1000 mm / 10 m ( 0…10% )
Measurement range, right: 0 – 1000 mm / 10 m ( 0…10% )
Luminous intensity: 125000 cd
Illumination intensity: 200 lx
Deviation of intensity: +/- 5 %
Measuring distance: 100…500 mm
Working temperature: 5 °C – 45 °C
Relative humidity: Maximum 80 %
Li-ion rechargeable battery for wireless use: 7.4 V / 13,000 mAh
Li-ion rechargeable battery power adapter: 8.5 V / 2 A
Battery of laser sighting system: 6 V

Column, aluminium form tube/column height: 80 x 80 x 4 mm/1,720 mm
Height adjustment range: 245 – 1,530 mm, 
Light box L x W x H: 663 x 318 x 307 mm
Fresnel plastic lens, glass cover: 250 x 160 mm
Driving carriage L x W x H: 610 x 660 x 90 mm
Diameter of rubber wheels: 160 mm
Track width/wheelbase: 691 mm/536 mm
Weight unpacked/packed: 56 kg/66 kg
Packaging dimensions L x W x H: 71 x 71 x 185 cm