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New MECO-SEP-Basic on offer

We have repeatedly demonstrated the advantages of our Headlight Adjustment Testing Device (HATD) MECO-SEP-17.0 in the past. With its automatic measuring station compensation, the device can in fact level uneven vehicle parking spaces. With that, the MECO-SEP-17.0 meets the highest quality and test requirements.

But there are also customers whose vehicle parking spaces comply with the legally defined tolerance and who therefore do not need an automatic measuring station compensation. To be able to serve this customer base as well, we now have the MECO-SEP-Basic in our product portfolio.

The MECO-SEP-Basic still features the self-levelling capability on the HATD set-up location. The integrated inclination sensor technology captures roll and tilt angles and automatically compensates for unevenness of the device set-up location by up to 3%.

The MECO-SEP-Basic is technically capable of checking and adjusting all headlight systems on the market for cars, motorbikes, trucks and commercial vehicles. It complies with the requirements of German directive Rili 23/2018 StVZO (German PTI headlight test guideline) with addendum 2/2019 and has the corresponding type approval.

To launch this device, we are starting today with a campaign that sets new standards in terms of price-performance.
If you are interested, please contact us via info@sherpa.de to find out more details. The special price is valid until including June 30th 2020. Don't miss this offer!