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SHERPA develops new play detectorAST-Flat-4.1-Safelift for the scissor lift as space-saving solution

We are pleased to inform you that the hydraulic play detector AST-Flat-4.1 which we presented a few months ago is now also available for our established scissor lift SHB-Safelift. This version of the play detector is specifically designed for the scissor lift platform.

The AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift is flush-mounted in the lifting platform of the scissor lift. The test plate is exactly flush with the platform level. As a result, both the lifting platform and the play detector can be used as headlight adjustment testing area. Thus, the available space can be used ideally.

The AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift is connected to the hydraulic unit of the scissor lift.

The AST-Flat-4.1 series features the following characteristics:
  • With a height of only 50 mm, the AST-Flat-4.1 has an extremely flat design, that has been improved even more compared to the previous model.
  • The powerful, hydraulically operated floor-assembled test plates move against each other laterally and lengthwise and make loose or worn-out axle and steering parts immediately visible.
  • The hot-dip galvanised test plates move on low-maintenance and low-wearing plastic sliding bearings.
We can inform you about the delivery time of the SHERPA scissor lift with the new play detector AST-Flat-4.1-Safelift upon request.
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