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Hydraulic play detector, extremely flat design (50 mm)

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Delivery scope:

  • Two floor assemblies with hydraulic cylinder for lateral and lengthwise movement
  • Hot-dip galvanised test plates on low-maintenance and low-wearing plastic sliding bearings
  • A high performance hydraulic unit with control box, main switch, switching and controller elements
  • Operating unit with rocker switch and 12 m cable


  • The device is used for detecting loose and detached axle and steering parts
  • The powerful, hydraulically operated test plates move against each other laterally and lengthwise
  • The hot-dip galvanised testing plates move on low-maintenance and low-wearing plastic sliding bearings
  • The compact control box, including main switch, is mounted directly to the hydraulic unit
  • Extremely flat test mechanics enable an above-ground installation of 50 mm height - with integrated ramps on both sides for driving up and down

Technical data:

Max. axle load:

4000 kg
Transverse&longitudinal panel movement:

50 mm
Thrust power per side approx.:

ca. 7.5 kN
Stroke speed approx.:

ca. 7 cm / sec.
Cover/testing plate dimensions (W / L / H):

584 mm / 660 mm / 6 mm