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Cooperation with Schuffenhauer GmbH in Chemnitz bears further fruit

Schuffenhauer GmbH, based near Chemnitz, has been a SHERPA partner for many years and is an authorized representative of the factory customer service group.

The company around managing director André Voigt offers testing technology, workshop equipment and service for workshop professionals. For more than 25 years, Schuffenhauer GmbH has been a competent service partner to numerous vehicle workshops and car dealerships in Central Germany for everything about workshop equipment. In addition to consulting, planning and sales, the company from Limbach-Oberfrohna OT Kändler is particularly active as a service provider with quick response times and tailored solutions for customers in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

We would like to single out and present two current installations from the region as examples:

Autoprüfer GmbH, an engineering office for vehicle technology and GTÜ test center in Niederwiesa in the district of Mittelsachsen, has recently put a fire-red SHERPA-SHB-Safelift-4.2 into operation. The hot-dip galvanized, specially painted scissor lift with a load capacity of 4.2 t and a platform length of 5.2 m is operated by a powerful hydraulic unit. With the option of a short lifting / lowering time, which can be adjusted to a maximum of 14 seconds depending on the weight, the scissor lift meets all test requirements.

In Niederwiesa, a wheel free jack is also integrated level in the platform as follow-up hydraulic scissor lifting device with 3.5 t load capacity, so that there is no protrusion.

A hydro-pneumatic axle lift as scissor lift incl. chassis with a load capacity of 2.6 t completes the LED-illuminated lifting platform to an all-round reliable safety system.

The Autoprüfer have been working as an engineering office for vehicle technology in the Flöha - Niederwiesa region and the surrounding area for 15 years. The team around the managing directors Sebastian Jirschik and Tom Kunath inspects motor vehicles and trailers, provides other services such as vehicle valuation, damage and accident surveyor’s reports and, as a partner of GTÜ, carries out the official vehicle inspections. The GTÜ is Germany’s largest officially recognized vehicle inspection organization of self-employed test engineers and vehicle experts.

With roller brake testers, Schuffenhauer GmbH recently installed another range of SHERPA testing technology, around 100 km away from Chemnitz / Niederwiesa in Großröhrsdorf at VS Kühltransporte GmbH.

A truck roller brake tester BPS-Twin-18.7 supports the specialists for time-sensitive transport goods when testing their trucks.

The truck roller brake tester is optimally equipped for the test requirements of the freight vehicle fleet with, among other things, raised roller by 40 mm, the PC software “BPS-TV”, LAN minicomputer and Bluetooth and the EDOS Drive out assistance patented by SHERPA.

Under the motto “We take care of your load! Either we find a way, or we create one!” the company VS Kühltransporte GmbH, based in Großröhrsdorf, takes care of the fast and professional transport of food. Since it was founded by company owner Viktor Schnaible more than 10 years ago, the company has grown rapidly and has the right vehicle for every order in the field of food and refrigerated transport. The company’s transport routes cover entire Germany. The team of drivers transports an average of around 1,000 tons of groceries per week. This amount is mastered by a 24-hour deployment of the vehicle fleet.

We wish both companies continued success and good operations with our SHERPA testing technology and look forward to many more exciting projects with André Voigt and Schuffenhauer GmbH!