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Axle suspension tester for test line

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Technical set-up:
- The galvanized underbody is equipped with waterproof and maintenance-free storage.
- The test station is working by the for centuries known BOGE-system.
- The both testing plates are connected with the electrical drive system by springs. That’s why the test lane works very low noise and low vibration.
- Due to the indirect drive, there are no high driving powers of the electrical motors needed because the crankshaft doesn’t have to be moved off the lower point, it can use the travel for starting in case of maximum load.

Testing procedure:

- The testing procedure can succeed automatically or manually. While driving on the testing plates, the axle weight will be weight. For more than 60 kg wheel weight the test lane is starting by itself depending on the operating mode or by pressing the shift key “manual/automatic” in the manual operation.
- In order to prevent the transfer of vibrations from one side to the other, the operation mode takes place by single wheel mode. The time for the operation mode from the left to the right side is about 20 sec.
- The measurement will be saved automatically, when the brake tester is connected, the weighing data will be transmitted aswell.

Measurement method:

- Both of the testing plates are getting stimulated by the electrical motors to about 18 Hz. Afterwards the motors shut down and the moving parts of the test station and vehicle are settling.
- The highest amplitude caused by settling will be saved and measured in mm.
- These test station mm are not identical with the actual mm value, but they serve to the comparison of the for centuries known limit table of BOGE

Technical data underbody:
-Dimensions underbody L x W x H: 2.320 x 800 x 280 mm
-Gauge min. – max.: 890 – 2.210 mm
-Traversable axle load: 12 t
-Testable axle load: 2,6 t
-Excitation frequency ca.: 18 Hz
-Measurement range max. Hub: 100 mm
-Drive power: 2 x 1,2 kW
-Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
-Supply / Safeguarding: 5 x 2,5 mm² 3 x 20 A