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Sherpa Emission TesterSherpa Emission Tester

New future-proof emission measurement device in the SHERPA product range

In the past year, we have invested significantly in the technology of emission testing, have hired
specialists and established a center of excellence in this domain.
With the quality label of our company, we enter this market, benefiting from our good connections within
our Group. In the stage of development, we cooperated closely with our international experts in the field
of emission testing and could draw on decades of worldwide experience as well as technologies that found
great success in the market.
Result of this collaboration is a new, high-tech and easy-to-service measurement device for emission
testing of diesel and petrol engines. The engineering of the new device is based on years of emission
testing in our company network. We supplemented this know-how with our own innovations and
customize the technology to the demands of our partners.
Our new SHERPA exhaust test station is a comprehensive emission analyser, that is both, future-proof and
expandable. Additional measurement modules for prospective requirements can be integrated easily.