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Sherpa Factory Customer Service

***SHERPA implements factory customer service in Germany and confesses to its home market***

The increasingly difficult and extensive requirements in the workshop equipment do not stop at the garage service. Due to the large diversity of products in your portfolio, many service technicians will find it more proplematically to stay updated with every device manufacturer. In addition, the current market situation with the change of the brake tester guideline poses a big time challenge for some partners, because by the end of 2019 still many brake tester have to be exchanged or upgraded. Also, the additional time and personnel, the legally required calibration according to DAkkS, is currently a big challenge for many partners.
For this reason, SHERPA has decided to break new ground and to set up the SHERPA factory customer service in order to meet the current service requirements of the market with the usual SHERPA quality.
The factory customer service currently consists of 10 years experienced and regularly trained service partners, who of course also have the necessary service and calibration tools. Furthermore, every SHERPA factory customer service partner is stocked with the most common spare and wear parts in order to be able to react quickly in the event of service.
We are pleased to be able to offer you an improved service with the SHERPA factory customer service.