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SHERPA presents new Digital Display „Dig-4“

The innovative digital SHERPA display “Dig-4” is new in our product range and will supersede the previous digital display “Dig-3”!

The “Dig-4” is a full-colour matrix display with a resolution of 8x64 LEDs. The display has an RS485-BUS with transmission so that it can be cascaded one after another in a network. It also features a time display incl. date.

The display was designed for roller brake testers to visualize brake forces, pressures and other measured values. It is characterized by several convenient and energy-saving functions. These include a brightness sensor and dimmable LEDs.

In addition to the standard programming plug, the display board is also equipped with an update option via the BUS system, so that software updates can be carried out easily without opening the device.

The “Dig-4” can be used in two possible applications:
  • As an equivalent replacement for the “Dig-3” display – above the analog display: In addition to better readability, the “Dig-4” offers a significantly higher flexibility and more comfort. This way, the display can be adapted individually to the actual user. The display is fully integrated and can also be adjusted by using the standard calibration hand terminal.
  • As a standalone device – without an additional analog display: This functionality has been enhanced decisively compared to the “Dig-3” display. The configuration of the digital display “Dig-4” enables the operation of a brake tester without any analog display or PC screen display. All information available on the analog display can be viewed on the “Dig-4” display. The colour display also provides a convenient application.
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