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Hydraulic roller raising for truck brake tester

Hydraulic roller raising up to 220 mm for BPS-Twin-13.0-13.8 and BPS-Twin-18.7

Brake testers always need to be up to speed with the constantly changing requirements of the PTI
(Periodical Technical Inspection) of vehicles. To meet these requirements, SHERPA Autodiagnostik has
been supplying highest quality, state-of-the-art brake testers for more than 25 years.
Going forward, we offer hydraulic roller raising up to 220 mm for all SHERPA BPS-Twin-13.0-13.8
and BPS-Twin-18.7 machines.
In doing so, we suit the demands of countries in which a greater travel range of more than 150 mm is
required by regional guidelines. At the same time, we can serve customers who are looking for a larger
stroke due to their individual workshop needs.
The user value is as follows: It is hard to achieve sufficient brake values for vehicles with closely aligned
twin axles, because the axle in the roller set is often relieved to such an extent by the adjoining axle. With
the option hydraulic roller raising, the roller set can now be raised up to 220 mm for more pressure and
therefore higher brake values.
If required, you can now decide as a customer between the two hydraulic roller raising options – 150 and
220 mm – for newly ordered SHERPA Twin machines.