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Laser 2M

SHERPA headlight testers stick to the highest level of safety using lasers of class 2M

Laser technology is used in workshop and inspection operations, such as positioning aid in headlight test equipment (SEP).

Since laser beams are subject to the German Occupational Health and Safety Regulation on Artificial Optical Radiation (“Arbeitsschutzverordnung zu künstlicher optischer Strahlung“, OstrV § 5), the supreme rule is to stick to the highest level of safety.

The laser beam is scaled through an international classification, which is labelled through a sticker on the device as well as in the operating instructions.

The German Association for Motor Trade and Repairs (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe, ZDK) advises to avoid lasers of class 3R, 3B or 4 – but to use lasers of class 1 or 2 / 2M instead due to safety reasons. The operation of lasers of class 1 or 2 / 2M meets German safety requirements and is possible without any additional measures (such as the appointment of a laser protection officer).

To meet these highest quality and safety standards, SHERPA has installed lasers of class 2M for all of its MECO-SEP-17.0 headlight testers.

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For us at SHERPA, the use of high-quality materials is crucial. Your safety is our drive.
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