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New Logo

New year, new design

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. At SHERPA we start 2020 with good resolutions and new design.

In the past months we’ve had a focus on our brand, our perception in the market and our internal and external image. With agencies in Skanderborg, Denmark, and Haag, Bavaria, we screwed and polished our logo and our promise to you, our customers – and are now proud to present you the result.

The new logo is inspired by the speed, dynamics and strength of the automotive sector, as well as the reliability and soundness of our partners, testing organizations and workshops. At the same time, we keep our color scheme and continue to be “red”.

The symbol in front of the logo has the shape of an “S” for SHERPA and is inspired by the rollers of a Roller Brake Tester. The striking top chevron points upwards, like a mountain top – reference to our company brand SHERPA, guiding clients safely to the top.

Our brand promise: Your Safety is our Drive. With this claim we express our commitment to you. We identify and solve problems early on. We develop new technologies, hold various patents and offer trainings to show how these products are used and how they create added value and a competitive edge.

We want to support you in your day-to-day business through innovations, technical training, services and products. Together, we want to foster environmental sustainability and road safety – in Germany and worldwide.

You will find the new appearance in our online presence. The products follow step by step according to the respective production cycles. Thank you for your understanding.

With our new visual identity, we are here for you with the proven SHERPA quality and look forward to an exciting, successful year with you