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D&K Spezial Tiefbau relies on SHERPA testing technology for its highly specialized construction machinery

The D&K Spezial Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG has been representing excellent planning and execution expertise in the building site for many years!

The German company, based in Bad Grönenbach in Bavaria, has already planned and carried out more than 900 construction projects on schedule, while applying efficient construction methods and high-quality support for the construction project.

For its state-of-the-art equipment technology, the experienced team at D&K Spezial Tiefbau relies on test benches from SHERPA!

A roller brake tester BPS-Twin-13.0-RSE for cars and trucks with pointer display, ASA livestream converter and an upgraded testable axle load of 14 t will test the company’s highly specialized construction vehicles directly on site. The comprehensive test equipment with two test speeds and the proven SHERPA options rotational and measurement direction reversal, patented automatic all-wheel detection and patented EDOS drive out assistance complete the installation.

A headlight adjustment testing device, type MECO-SEP-17.0, with SHERPA’s patented automatic measuring station compensation, ensures the correct setting and inspection of the headlight systems and can be adapted to any ground, also thanks to its rubber wheels. The MECO-SEP-17.0 is equipped with inclination sensors and thus automatically levels itself to a perpendicular. The automatic alignment of the light box enables vehicle parking spaces with up to 1.5% incline to be used.

In addition, D&K Spezial Tiefbau has already laid the foundation for a play detector within the working pit and has concreted in the respective SHERPA foundation trays. In due time, a hydraulic SHERPA play detector, type AST-20.3-Pit, for max. 20 t axle load will be installed here. With this, the company is ideally equipped for precise play detection and meets the requirements of the current EU directive 2014/45/EU.

Sales and installation of all system components were carried out by our long-term, competent partner WM SE. WM SE is one of Europe’s leading companies in the trade of automobile parts and supplies, tools and workshop equipment. Every year, around 45 million items are being order picked all-automatic and delivered to workshop customers several times a day through approx. 200 sales outlets in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and the USA. The portfolio goes far beyond logistics and trading of spare parts from brand manufacturers and own brands. These include the high-quality own brands monochrom and repstar in OEM quality, online parts catalogues and workshop software, tailor-made concepts for every workshop and attractive service modules.

We would like to thank both companies for the great cooperation, namely Marco Meister in the WM SE team and Markus Hebel, construction manager at D&K Spezial Tiefbau, who were largely responsible for the combination of products. We wish D&K Spezial Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG all the best and – at all times – safe vehicles for their complex range of services and the wide range of construction techniques and projects!